MASSEC electronic inventory device is patented and made in the European Union. Its main advantages can be seen in multiple segments of catering industry connected with inventory.

Items are scanned and selected via barcode scanner. After the item is placed on the Massec device, the information about the net amount are sent to the application via Bluetooth

Full packaging or in-and-out items are simply put into the application that converts them to the appropriate unit and adds them to the inventory list according to your internal product codes.

After the inventory is finished, we simply send the inventory list to one or multiple e-mails addresses to be administrated

The .csv file enables Excel data editing and export for accounting programs and POS systems...

The Massec® app is very simple to use and very intuitive. We purposely designed it that way so that anyone can use it. The entire inventory process can be done from three different screens, and this is how they look like.


This screen contains the primary interface of the Massec app. All measuring and counting is done from here.

You can search for items with the scanner, by name, or with the camera

The app automatically converts entire packages and pieces to the appropriate unit

Edit product

Whatever you want to add to the database, or edit an existing one, you can do it from here.

View the current inventory file, see the list of existing inventory files, and send them to your computer or any other device from here.


You can generate your own bar codes for internal use

The data needed to calculate the bottle volume

We also thought of the doser

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