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Can I add items to the existing database myself?

Of course, adding items is easy! If there is an item that doesn't exist in the pre-built database, you can always add it yourself by filling out a short form within the app. You only need to enter the name, EAN code (which you simply scan), your internal product number, and the unit you want the item measured in. For open bottles, you also need to enter the volume of the full bottle, and the weight of the full and empty bottles. That is it! That item will be in your database forever.

Do my employees need training for using the device?

MASSEC device and app are so intuitive anyone can use them! If your employees can read, they are capable of using the device. There is no special training required, but we will guide you through the process anyway. There is also a series of video tutorials coming up, so stay tuned!

Is there a warranty on the device?

Yes, the warranty is for 2 years.

Does MASSEC work with iOS?

No. It is currently adapted to the Android platform only.

Can MASSEC be used to do inventory in the kitchen as well?

Even though that isn't the intended purpose, our clients report that they have successfully used MASSEC for kitchen items and ingredients as well. It's fine as long as you don't overburden the device, which has a maximum carrying weight of 5 kgs (11 lbs).

Do I need a separate system for each venue?

No, you can do everything on one device if you carry it around from venue to venue, but we do recommend using a separate unit for each bar you control, because that is the fastest and most efficient way do do stock-take. It mostly depends on how far apart your bars and venues are.

How do I export my inventory spreadsheet?

The file is sent from the MASSEC system by email. This is done from within the app, and you get the file on your email in the next few moments.​

Can I correct a mistake I made when counting?

Yes. You can edit data in the app itself, or you can edit the spreadsheet on your computer.

Can I use MASSEC for measuring my body weight?

Certainly, if you have under 5 kg's.